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How To Become Forum Moderator?

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How To Become Forum Moderator?

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:49 pm

I'm getting lot of emails/requests for moderator rank. I want to give you some suggestions if you really want to be moderator on this board.

* First and the most important, Please don't send emails/ PMs/ requests for moderator position. Your efficiency in this forum can convince us but not your words. If we need we may provide you a proper place to submit your requests.
* Everyone should introduce him/her in intro section but mod candidates should do it as soon as they join the board.
* Be regular in forum(I got emails from those sent me moderator request the same day when they joined this board
* Guide newbies, solve problems of others, refer them on proper topics/posts with link of the topic.
* Be nice at forum, respect other users

If you have all the above qualities & we need new moderator we may contact you via PM. Then you may need to submit your request with your details.

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